How ExtentWorld Fixes Social Media Problems

CS Professor
3 min readMar 17, 2021

ExtentWorld is built to address the issues that we have seen with mainstream social media and the Internet services. The first big issue is the user data privacy. Facebook is not the only app that collects your personal data for profits but it’s the most prominent name in privacy violation. We build ExtentWorld because we believe that your data belong to you and we will never use your personal data to target you with ads. ExtentWorld also commits to its privacy-focused policy by providing end-to-end encrypted video calls. This end-to-end encryption feature is made default and completely free.

The second issue is the unfair distribution of profits among users, content creators, and the platform provider. On Facebook, for example, every time a user clicks on an ad, which has been targeted to that user thanks to the user’s personal data, the entire amount that the advertiser pays for that click will go to Facebook. On ExtentWorld, roughly 52% of the amount that the advertiser pays for an ad will go to ExtentWorld, and the rest is distributed to the users who click on the ad at its original post and the users who allow the ad to appear on their profiles.

On most social media networks, content creators are only rewarded with a bunch of “likes” which have no values except psychological benefits. On ExtentWorld, content creators can be rewarded with ExtentWorld’s virtual currency (not cryptocurrency) known as eCoin. Content creators can also set view price to their content, so that other users would have to pay the content creators to view that content.

Another big issue is the wide spread of misinformation, disinformation, hate speech. That is thanks to the mainstream social media’s news feed recommendation algorithms that combine machine learning with users’ personal data. However, most of their efforts to fight misinformation focus on cracking down the source of the spread, which has proven inefficient because of their giant user base. They have to use AI to detect hate speech but the AI approach is limited because of the vague nature of hate speech.

ExtentWorld’s approach is different. First, we don’t have a recommendation algorithm that is based on users’ personal data. Instead, we organize information on ExtentWorld based on locations. When a user visits a location, say the United States, on ExtentWorld, he/she will see the posts related to that location. Since the number of locations is small and fixed, we can have enough human resource and reliable technology to monitor content on each location, no matter how large the user base we will have. The content posted on individual profiles or groups will be automatically set with a view price once it reaches a certain number of views. In case that content happens to be a bad one, it won’t be spread too far. But if that content is a good one, then it’s worth paying for.

The last issue is that we have to create so many accounts on the Internet for our social needs. We create a Facebook account to connect with our family and friends, a Twitter account to share our public messages, a LinkedIn account to connect with colleagues at work, an eBay account to buy/sell our stuff, a dating app account for dating, etc. And if you want to participate in the discussion of a sensitive topics without jeopardizing your job or feeling awkward with people who personally know you, you would need to create a fake or anonymous account on Facebook or Twitter. We end up with so many accounts to remember.

ExtentWorld remedies this issue with the “one account, many profiles” feature. With just one account on ExtentWorld, you can create up to 8 profiles of different types: public, private, work, academic, dating, merchant, anonymous, and secret profiles. Each profile functions like an account in a separate social media app.

This “one account, many profiles” feature also brings an advantage for our dating service. That is, it protects the privacy of the dating users by not allowing people with connections on public, private, work, or academic profiles to see each other on dating profiles. This means that your family members, colleagues, or students with whom you connect on ExtentWorld won’t be able to see your dating profile on ExtentWorld.

ExtentWorld truly makes social media a better world!



CS Professor

I am an Associate Professor of Computer Science and a co-founder of the one-stop social media platform ExtentWorld.